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BtB Software (United States)

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BtB Software

BtB Software’s modules handle all aspects of the Public Health or County/Private Clinical Laboratory (Hematology, Urinalysis, Environmental (Coliforms, Dairy, Chemistry, BioThreat/ChemThreat, Food Borne Diseases Outbreaks), Rabies, TB, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV), Virology, Herpes, Rubella, Parasitology, Bacteriology, Mycology Lead Testing, Molecular Diagnosis.

Built-in or user defined worksheets, manual or automated resulting, Upload/Download of results/demographics. Billing (paper or electronic), Accounts/Receivable, Statistics & Searches are included. HL7/XML and ANSI837 standards are supported. Highly customizable and cost effective, available as SaaS or Client Server (SQL)+ Web-based reporting.  Custom bi-directional interfaces to outside hospital/clinics are available using any version of HL7 or XML formats.

We have extracted our StaffTrak program as a stand alone module for use on a single PC or small network.


StaffTrak from BtB Software is designed to handle training issues in the laboratory.  It replaces spreadsheets and paper worksheets used to track requiremented paperwork for blood-borne pathogen, respiratory fit testing, safety training, license renewals, lab accidents, vaccines and more.

StaffTrak can generate meeting lists, track attendance and record grades pass/fail; email reminders and meeting noticies;  track vaccines given or due; build reports using built-in sort lists; setup tickler notifications; track CEU's and training; record laboratory accidents and outcomes.


Address PO Box 845
Zip, City 95524-0845 Bayside
Country United States
Name Bob Freeman
Email cosis@btbsoftware.com
URL www.btbsoftware.com

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