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Campbell Scientific (United Kingdom)

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Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific manufacture and distribute measurement instrumentation for science, research and industry. This includes low power, multi-channel data loggers, a wide range of sensors plus peripherals such as memory and channel expansion devices, communications modules and software.


Our loggers are generic by design and can measure most makes/types of sensors and easily be integrated with other equipment. Their minimal power consumption from a 12Vdc soure, their rugged reliability and their flexibility make them ideal for field based autonomous data acquisition applications.



Division European Office
Address Campbell Park, 80 Hathern Road
Zip, City LE12 9GX Shepshed
Country United Kingdom
Name Iain D Thornton
Email iain.thornton@campbellsci.co.uk
URL www.campbellsci.eu


The CS650 Soil Water Content Reflectometer uses innovative techniques to monitor soil volumetric water content, bulk electrical conductivity and temperature
Tags: Soil System Sciences , Soil moisture , Soil Science


20.05.2011: CC5MPX Rugged Digital Still & Video Camera

The CC5MPX is a rugged digital network camera capable of capturing high definition still images and video footage. The camera is configurable and can be connected to a Campbell logger for control, image storage and telemetry.  The camera can be triggered by time, event or by detecting motion.

The camera has been designed to operate in the same challenging environments as our data loggers and other equipment and will operate across a wide range of temperatures.

The camera opens up a wealth of applications for still and video images in situations were lesser cameras would be unable to cope.

Categories: digital cameras
Tags: Environmental Optics , Environmental Sciences , digital camera , still photography , video

20.05.2011: EC155 Closed Path Gas Analyser

The EC155 is a closed path gas analyser designed for use in Eddy Covariance studies - as a stand alone device it measures absolute carbon dioxide, water vapour densities, sample cell pressure and tempertaure. It is deisgned to be used with our CSAT3A sonic head as part of our CPEC200 integrated eddy covariance system.

Categories: Eddy covariance equipment , Flux equipment
Tags: micrometeorology , ecosystem flux , eddy covariance , carbon flux , fluxes

20.05.2011: EC150 Open Path Gas Analyser

The EC150 is an open path gas analyser specifically designed for Eddy Covariance  studies. Measuring CO2 and H2O this device physically mounts with the CSAT3A 3-D sonic anemometer to closely co-locate the measurement volumes for both gas and turbulence. The two devices also share a control box which reduces system complexity making for simpler installation but also reduces systems power and syncronises the measurement of the two devices outside of the datalogger.

Categories: Eddy covariance equipment , Flux equipment
Tags: Turbulence and Mixing , Energy Balance Obs/Modelling , micrometeorology , ecosystem flux , eddy covariance , carbon flux , Atmospheric Optics and Turbulence , fluxes

20.05.2011: CR1000 Datalogger

The CR1000 is a multi-channel datalogger renowned for its low power consumption and high relaibility. These attributes make this an ideal data logger for remote, autonomous field based data acquisition applications.

Generic in nature the CR1000 will measure virtually any sensor make or type and can be integrated into systems with other equipment.

It is supported by a range of peripherals devices such as memeory and channel expansion devices and communication devices providing logger interogation via direct RS-232, ethernet, GSM, GPRS, fixed wire modems, satellite or RF radio connections.

Categories: Data Loggers
Tags: Data Loggers , Data Acquisition

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