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Address 9-10 Capital Business Park
Zip, City WD6 1GW Borehamwood
Country United Kingdom
Name HELGroup Marketing
Email marketing@helgroup.com
URL www.helgroup.com

Latest Blog Posts

  • 17.08.2012: Chemical Process Development Seminar in Malaysia

    On 28 June HEL presented an introductory training seminar of our product range. The morning session focused on single and parallel reactors (autolab, polyblock and automate) with emphasis on research applications. The benefits of software control were discussed with HEL’s winISO used as an example to illustrate reproducibility of data, more reliable scale-up and of course faster results by parallel operation. 

    Crystallisation (both solubility determination and particle sizing) were discussed specifically as well as  heterogenous catalysis, both for batch and continuous processes. The afternoon was allocated to calorimetry and process safety using cases studies of industrial accidents especially thermal runaway reactions to introduce the topic. The benefits of thermal hazard screening (for example using TSU) were discussed followed by illustration of the benefits of adiabatic calorimeter using “ARC type” calorimeters (phi-tec I and II) to accurately define scale-up hazards and safety system design (such as relief vents). Finally, reaction calorimetry (SIMULAR) was discussed at length with real-life examples of how better processes can be developed and then scaled up to fit pilot and larger scale reactors. 

    Source: The Chemistry Platform

  • 16.07.2012: HEL and Shengyang Sciencreat Chemicals Ltd Launch a Joing Chemical Safety Lab

    HEL is proud to be joining hands with Shenyang Sciencreat Chemicals, a member company of the Sinochem Group, to create a joint chemical chemical safety lab.

    This joint lab initiative focuses on study of materials stability, reaction thermal hazard and runaway hazard, which in addition to serving member companies of the Sinochem Group, but also offers service to other pesiticide industry players.

    Here are a few pictures from the ceremony:

    Source: The Chemistry Platform

  • 16.07.2012: HEL's attendence at the AABC conference in Mainz, Germany, June 2012

    HEL attended and exhibited their calorimetery capability relating to the thermal runaway testing of battery hazards using their adiabatic (ARC-type) Battery Testing Calorimeter - BTC- and also their isothermal calorimetery for measuring the heat generated as input to thermal management and battery development. HEL had many opportunities to to develop new relationships with European car manufacturers, new battery developers and also companies working on energy research. Major battery fires and explosions reported in the literature and the need to understand battery chemistry was a common discussion point and is leading to continued and growing interest in battery calorimeters being developed by HEL.

    This is one of the major conferences in Europe and over 400 people attended though this is lower than the numbers in the past. This was considered to be due to a combination of slow development of the battery market (for example EV and related growth) and too many events.

    Source: The Chemistry Platform

  • 15.06.2012: Important presentations for HEL at the upcoming events

    Advanced Automative Battery Conference, Mainz, Germany (18-22 June 2012)

    Preparations are in full speed for our poster presentation at the Advanced Automative Battery Conference in Mainz next week. Our managing director, Dr Jasbir Singh, will be presenting on the ‘Calorimetry for Design of Thermal Management Design and Prediction of Safe Battery Operating Limits’. The poster presentation will be up on our website, once the show has finished next week, please check it out!

    Automated Instruments for Rapid Process Development and Process Safety and Calorimetry Seminar, 28th June 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    HEL is excited to be hosting a seminar at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with Interscience. Dr Jasbir Singh will be doing product presentations, from 10am to 5pm, highlighting topics ranging from:
                       Parallel synthesis
                       Flow chemistry
    Visit our website for further details and programme highlights.

    Source: The Chemistry Platform

  • 22.05.2012: Our attendance at the Batteries and Fuel Cells Seminar in Stoke, United Kingdom

    Battery after thermal runaway due to fast discharge
    We recently attended the Batteries & Fuel Cells Seminar in Stoke, UK, in early May.  This was an excellent training course run by Shmuel De Leoncovering a large amount of material about all aspects of batteries and fuel cells.  Shmuel’s passion for the subject is obvious and he makes an engaging teacher.  We really enjoyed the course and learned a lot as did the other delegates and would highly recommend this to anyone.

    HEL also presented at the seminar on our Calorimetry solutions for battery safety.  We have placed a copy of our presentation on our You Tube page, please check it out here. Also, check out our dedicated website to our safety and calorimetry products here.

    Source: The Chemistry Platform

  • 03.05.2012: HEL's staff members rewarded to a day out

    The time of the year has come again for HEL project team day. A few HEL members were rewarded for their efforts with a Saturday morning go-karting... rewarded... a loose term in this case given the preceding torrential rain, some thought a boat might be a quicker way around the circuit. HEL staff members paired-up into teams and  everyone had a good time, despite the drenching, the spins, and the weekend early-morning start, and all are looking forward to the next time...which should be good news for our customers too! Shown above is a picture from our staff day out. 

    Source: The Chemistry Platform

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