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COSIS.net provides scientists and their institutions with a variety of innovative systems for communication and cooperative work.

It also acts as a contact point, central hub and marketplace for relationships between scientists and industry, media and politics.

This community has now been opened to all scientists, publishers, conference organizers, and other stakeholders. The community platform is free of charge for all scientists. COSIS.net is solely financed by the associated applications for publication, conference management and business advertisement.

For detailed description of our applications see: www.cosis.net/b2b



Address Kreuzbergstraße 30
Zip, City 10965 Berlin
Country Germany
Name Michael Koschorreck
Tel. No. +49 30 26550940
Fax. No. +49 30 26550941
Email marketing@cosis.net
URL www.cosis.net/b2b


Lexxion publishing house uses COSIS.net for peer reviewing three journals dealing with environmental issues from the perspective of law.
Tags: Climate Change , Carbon Cycle , Publishing , Peer review , COSIS.net


14.04.2011: Publishing System

The publishing application in COSIS.net connects all those involved in the publication process, ensures the correct selection of responsible persons, monitors all deadlines and keeps the process lean, fast and agile.

The publication system covers the entire process, from inviting authors on specialist subjects to publishing and advertising the publication. This can be carried out both independently of classical publishers or can be partially licensed.

Categories: Publication , Journals
Tags: Peer review , open access , Open Access , public peer review


14.04.2011: Journal Success via Social Network

These slides from London Online Information 2009 describe the overwhelming success of the open access journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and its success factors:

 - public peer review (two stage publication)

 - combined with a social network of the authors and readers

 - sophisticated alert service

 - and much more

Categories: Peer Review , Publication , Journals
Tags: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , Publication Methodologies , COSIS.net , public peer review

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