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Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso


Laboratoire Océanographie
CNRS-Université de Paris 6
181 Chemin du Lazaret
06234 Villefranche-sur-mer Cedex, France

Email: gattuso@obs-vlfr.fr

Blog: Ocean acidification

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Date Publication
15.09.2011 Book: Ocean Acidification
Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Lina Hansson
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199591091
06.11.2006 Article: Light availability in the coastal ocean: impact on the distribution of benthic photosynthetic organisms and their contribution to primary production
J.-P. Gattuso, B. Gentili, C. M. Duarte, J. A. Kleypas, J. J. Middelburg, and D. Antoine
Biogeosciences, 3, 489-513
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2006-3-489


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Latest Blog Posts

  • 19.06.2018: Does exposure to reduced pH and diclofenac induce oxidative stress in marine bivalves? A comparative study with the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis and the clam Ruditapes philippinarum

    Highlights • Combined effects of seawater acidification and diclofenac are assessed in bivalves. • Biochemical parameters were more influenced by reduced pH than by diclofenac. • Lowered pH induced oxidative stress in M. galloprovincialis and R. philippinarum. • Lowered pH reduced COX activity in of R. philippinarum. • R. philippinarum is more vulnerable to acidification than M. galloprovincialis. Abstract CO2-driven […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 19.06.2018: Seawater acidification aggravated cadmium toxicity in the oyster Crassostrea gigas: Metal bioaccumulation, subcellular distribution and multiple physiological responses

    Highlights • Ocean acidification aggravated the toxicity of environmental relevant concentration of Cd on C. gigas. • OA exacerbated the oxidative stresses, histopathological damage, and apoptosis of Cd-exposed oysters. • Apoptosis-pathway was generally stimulated in Cd-OA exposed oysters. • Increased toxicity perhaps associated with the increased accumulation and altered subcellular distribution of Cd. Abstract Mounting […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 19.06.2018: First data revealed from state ferry Columbia tests on ocean acidity from Southeast AK to WA (audio)

    The state ferry Columbia now has six months of data since last October when it began testing the waters for acidity from Southeast Alaska across the entire Province of British Columbia to Bellingham, Washington. It is part of an unprecedented Alaska/Canada project to learn how increasing ocean acidity affects regional fisheries. “The fantastic thing about […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 19.06.2018: Synergistic effects of nano-ZnO and low pH of sea water on the physiological energetics of the thick shell mussel Mytilus coruscus

    In order to investigate the ecotoxicological effects of nano-ZnO particles and seawater acidification on marine bivalves, the thick shell mussels, Mytilus coruscus were subjected to joint treatments with different nano-ZnO concentrations (0 [control], 2.5 and 10 mg L-1 [high]) under two pH levels (7.7 [low]and 8.1 [control]) for 14 days. The results showed that respiration […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 18.06.2018: The ocean is getting more acidic—what that actually means

    Thanks to carbon emissions, the ocean is changing, and that is putting a whole host of marine organisms at risk. These scientists are on the front lines. Atlantic City, NJ- Grace Saba steadies herself on the back of a gently rocking boat as she and her crew slide a six-foot long yellow torpedo into the […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 18.06.2018: Oxidative stress in the hydrocoral Millepora alcicornis exposed to CO2-driven seawater acidification

    Global impacts are affecting negatively coral reefs’ health worldwide. Ocean acidification associated with the increasing CO2 partial pressure in the atmosphere can potentially induce oxidative stress with consequent cellular damage in corals and hydrocorals. In the present study, parameters related to oxidative status were evaluated in the hydrocoral Millepora alcicornis exposed to three different levels […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

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