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Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso


Laboratoire Océanographie
CNRS-Université de Paris 6
181 Chemin du Lazaret
06234 Villefranche-sur-mer Cedex, France

Email: gattuso@obs-vlfr.fr

Blog: Ocean acidification

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Date Publication
15.09.2011 Book: Ocean Acidification
Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Lina Hansson
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199591091
06.11.2006 Article: Light availability in the coastal ocean: impact on the distribution of benthic photosynthetic organisms and their contribution to primary production
J.-P. Gattuso, B. Gentili, C. M. Duarte, J. A. Kleypas, J. J. Middelburg, and D. Antoine
Biogeosciences, 3, 489-513
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2006-3-489


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Latest Blog Posts

  • 13.07.2018: The effects of low seawater pH on energy storage and heat shock protein 70 expression in a bivalve Limecola balthica

    Highlights • Seawater acidification affected gross biochemical composition of the bivalve Limecola balthica to a limited extent. • Moderate hypercapnia (pH 7.0) induced elevated catabolism of carbohydrates including glycogen and lipids. • Biochemical responses did not involve proteins suggesting that amino acids were not utilized as metabolic substrates. • Clams demonstrated broad tolerance to reduced […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 13.07.2018: Buffering sensitivity

    Ocean chemistry is changing due to higher levels of CO2 affecting the carbonate system through alterations in carbonate, bicarbonate and… Wake B., 2018. Buffering sensitivity. Nature Climate Change 8: 559. Article (subscription required).

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 13.07.2018: Geographical CO2 sensitivity of phytoplankton correlates with ocean buffer capacity

    Accumulation of anthropogenic CO2 is significantly altering ocean chemistry. A range of biological impacts resulting from this oceanic CO2 accumulation are emerging, however, the mechanisms responsible for observed differential susceptibility between organisms and across environmental settings remain obscure. A primary consequence of increased oceanic CO2 uptake is a decrease in the carbonate system buffer capacity, which characterizes the […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 13.07.2018: Ocean acidification and coral bleaching

    Simultaneous with the increases in global sea surface temperature, increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is driving changes in the chemistry of the oceans—a process known as ocean acidification. Over the last two decades, reef-related ocean acidification research has focused primarily on the consequences of elevated CO2 on calcification. The impacts of ocean acidification on other critical […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 12.07.2018: New study explores the role nitrogen plays in coral reef fight against ocean acidification

    A new study by California State University, Northridge marine biologist Robert Carpenter and a former student, Maggie Johnson, now with the Smithsonian Institution, found that increasing the amount of nitrogen helps crustose coralline algae – which often serves as a cementing element for coral reefs around the world — fight off the negative effects of […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 12.07.2018: Nitrogen enrichment offsets direct negative effects of ocean acidification on a reef-building crustose coralline alga

    Ocean acidification (OA) and nutrient enrichment threaten the persistence of near shore ecosystems, yet little is known about their combined effects on marine organisms. Here, we show that a threefold increase in nitrogen concentrations, simulating enrichment due to coastal eutrophication or consumer excretions, offset the direct negative effects of near-future OA on calcification and photophysiology […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

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