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Andre Franco

Andre Franco


Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture
University of Sao Paulo
Av Centenario, 303
13400-970 Piracicaba, Brazil

Email: andrefranco_agro@hotmail.com


I am currently a doctorate student at University of São Paulo, Piracicaba. I have investigated what are the effective environmental sustainability indicators of the land use changes resultants from sugarcane and other agroenergy crops expansion in Brazilian Cerrado biome, with a special focus on soil carbon dynamics and soil invertebrates biodiversity. The main objective of my researches is to promote field measurements to track changes of these environmental sustainability indicators in the landscape scale, and to propose a way of integrating the different sustainability indicators, usually treated individually.

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Date Publication
2013 Article: Biodiesel from microalgae: progress and challenges
André Luiz Custódio Franco; Ivon Pinheiro Lôbo; Rosenira Serpa da Cruz; Cláudia Maria Luz Lapa Teixeira; José Adolfo de Almeida Neto; Rafael Silva Menezes
Química Nova, 36, 437-448
DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1590/S0100-40422013000300015

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Soil Science, Environmental Geosciences, Agricultural Ecosystems