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03.05.2011: Tsunami Fingerprints Mastronuzzi/Brückner/Vött (Eds.): in different Archives - Sediments, Dynamics and Modelling Approaches

The increase of population density and activity in costal areas worldwide in
the past decades has turned tsunamis into an imminent threat, especially in the case of high magnitude, low frequency (rare) events (e.g. Phillipines 2004).

The great number of casualties incurred seems the result of a general lack of knowledge on how tsunami-waves form, their speed and the lack of risk mitigation and safety measures.

This supplementary volume presents 14 new, peer reviewed contributions to tsunami science which are useful in assessing the tsunami-risk of many coastal areas.

The goal of the papers presented in this volume is to improve the knowledge of (i) tsunami generation and propagation processes, (ii) tsunami-generated sediments and landforms, (iii) historical and geoarchaeological aspects of palaeo-tsunami landfalls, (iv) the role of tsunamis for coastal evolution, (v) tsunami modelling, (vi) tsunami hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment, (vii) tsunami alert network, and (viii) differentiating between tsunami deposits and deposits of extreme storm events.

Categories: geomorphology , coastal processes , tsunami
Tags: Sediment Processes , Tsunamis , Sedimentology , Tsunami

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