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04.04.2011: New Publication: Health & Nutrition Claims

Commentary on the EU Health Claims Regulation

The influence of the Regulation on health and nutrition claims on the law on food advertising, on product development work in food enterprises, on the advertising industry, foodstuff monitoring and on nutrition science, cannot be overestimated. The book comments the Regulation article by article giving an explanation for all the relevant terms, concepts of the law and consequences for the practice.

The authors combine legal and scientific expertise. Andreas Meisterernst is senior partner of a food law firm and lecturer on food law at the Technical University of Munich. Bernd Haber, PhD, is state examined food chemist and works for the regulatory affairs department of a multinational food ingredients manufacturer.

Categories: Publication
Tags: Health , Nutrition

14.04.2011: Publishing System

The publishing application in COSIS.net connects all those involved in the publication process, ensures the correct selection of responsible persons, monitors all deadlines and keeps the process lean, fast and agile.

The publication system covers the entire process, from inviting authors on specialist subjects to publishing and advertising the publication. This can be carried out both independently of classical publishers or can be partially licensed.

Categories: Publication , Journals
Tags: Peer review , open access , Open Access , public peer review

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