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23.05.2011: ReservoirKB

ReservoirKB currently represents the most comprehensive knowledge base directed towards exploration and appraisal geoscientists and engineers in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and North Sea regions. It provides coverage of all deepwater productive sands discovered, constituting reservoirs currently either in production or sanctioned for development.

Additionally, ReservoirKB is continually updated reservoir performance metrics, analogs, lessons learned, and regional knowledge not available from any other single source. The knowledge base is a unique combination of reservoir engineering data, geological description, and production data analysis.

ReservoirKB is a subscription service on a hosted portal for oil and gas companies exploring and evaluating prospects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and North Sea. Base production data for every field is uploaded on a quarterly basis.

A new release is presently made annually; this most recent includes fresh data and information covering 2010, as well as completely updated analyses and new functionality features. As the definitive source for information on deepwater reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, ReservoirKB has seen phenomenal growth since its original development.

Categories: knowledge management , database , knowledge base
Tags: Geology , engineneering

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