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20.05.2011: CC5MPX Rugged Digital Still & Video Camera

The CC5MPX is a rugged digital network camera capable of capturing high definition still images and video footage. The camera is configurable and can be connected to a Campbell logger for control, image storage and telemetry.  The camera can be triggered by time, event or by detecting motion.

The camera has been designed to operate in the same challenging environments as our data loggers and other equipment and will operate across a wide range of temperatures.

The camera opens up a wealth of applications for still and video images in situations were lesser cameras would be unable to cope.

Categories: digital cameras
Tags: Environmental Optics , Environmental Sciences , digital camera , still photography , video

15.04.2011: Cosmogenic isotope analysis

We offer Be10, Al26, Pb210, Cs137 cosmogenic isotope analyses used in a variety of applications such as surface exposure dating and sediment dating.

20.05.2011: CR1000 Datalogger

The CR1000 is a multi-channel datalogger renowned for its low power consumption and high relaibility. These attributes make this an ideal data logger for remote, autonomous field based data acquisition applications.

Generic in nature the CR1000 will measure virtually any sensor make or type and can be integrated into systems with other equipment.

It is supported by a range of peripherals devices such as memeory and channel expansion devices and communication devices providing logger interogation via direct RS-232, ethernet, GSM, GPRS, fixed wire modems, satellite or RF radio connections.

Categories: Data Loggers
Tags: Data Loggers , Data Acquisition

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