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20.05.2011: CC5MPX Rugged Digital Still & Video Camera

The CC5MPX is a rugged digital network camera capable of capturing high definition still images and video footage. The camera is configurable and can be connected to a Campbell logger for control, image storage and telemetry.  The camera can be triggered by time, event or by detecting motion.

The camera has been designed to operate in the same challenging environments as our data loggers and other equipment and will operate across a wide range of temperatures.

The camera opens up a wealth of applications for still and video images in situations were lesser cameras would be unable to cope.

Categories: digital cameras
Tags: Environmental Optics , Environmental Sciences , digital camera , still photography , video

15.04.2011: Cosmogenic isotope analysis

We offer Be10, Al26, Pb210, Cs137 cosmogenic isotope analyses used in a variety of applications such as surface exposure dating and sediment dating.

20.05.2011: CR1000 Datalogger

The CR1000 is a multi-channel datalogger renowned for its low power consumption and high relaibility. These attributes make this an ideal data logger for remote, autonomous field based data acquisition applications.

Generic in nature the CR1000 will measure virtually any sensor make or type and can be integrated into systems with other equipment.

It is supported by a range of peripherals devices such as memeory and channel expansion devices and communication devices providing logger interogation via direct RS-232, ethernet, GSM, GPRS, fixed wire modems, satellite or RF radio connections.

Categories: Data Loggers
Tags: Data Loggers , Data Acquisition

12.04.2011: DIA

NDIR spectrometer for measuring the isotope ratio of CO2 in environmental air.
δ 13C: < 0,2 per mil
CO2: < 0,025 ppm


20.05.2011: EC150 Open Path Gas Analyser

The EC150 is an open path gas analyser specifically designed for Eddy Covariance  studies. Measuring CO2 and H2O this device physically mounts with the CSAT3A 3-D sonic anemometer to closely co-locate the measurement volumes for both gas and turbulence. The two devices also share a control box which reduces system complexity making for simpler installation but also reduces systems power and syncronises the measurement of the two devices outside of the datalogger.

Categories: Eddy covariance equipment , Flux equipment
Tags: Turbulence and Mixing , Energy Balance Obs/Modelling , micrometeorology , ecosystem flux , eddy covariance , carbon flux , Atmospheric Optics and Turbulence , fluxes

20.05.2011: EC155 Closed Path Gas Analyser

The EC155 is a closed path gas analyser designed for use in Eddy Covariance studies - as a stand alone device it measures absolute carbon dioxide, water vapour densities, sample cell pressure and tempertaure. It is deisgned to be used with our CSAT3A sonic head as part of our CPEC200 integrated eddy covariance system.

Categories: Eddy covariance equipment , Flux equipment
Tags: micrometeorology , ecosystem flux , eddy covariance , carbon flux , fluxes

05.04.2011: IMAbox

Central unit for data logging and forwarding within the IMAlabs system.

Categories: temperature controllers + sensors

06.04.2011: Large Aperture Scintillometer

The Large Aperture Scintillometer (LAS) is an instrument designed for measuring the path-averaged structure parameter of the refractive index of air over horizontal path lengths from 250 m to 4.5 km. Structure parameter measurements obtained with the LAS and standard meteorological observations (air temperature, wind speed and air pressure) can be used to derive the surface sensible heat flux.


After six years of activity, in 1960 the Association started to publish a modest quaternary, of what we are editing its 46th volume. The aim of this journal was twofold: to promote the technical results published in the foreign-language literature, and to broaden the publication possibilities of the members. Now its pages are heralding the news and records of the Association's social and official life, giving forum for members'  opinions, as well as publishing several expert papers per number in Hungarian, with English content.

As elected by the General Meeting for term of three years, the managing editor is Tamás Bodoky. Editorial board: Ms. Zsuzsanna Hegybíró, Kristóf Kakas, László Lenkey, Gábor Pethő, László Szarka, and László Verő.

Here we list the contents and some abstracts in backward order. According to our wish, the journal and this portal will serve the membership and the foreign/domestic reading public in synergetic mood. The printed version (the journal of 'MAGYAR GEOFIZIKA') will be made for traditional readers, while this electronic version (the homepage itself) could produce pages with quick service, with colour (and less expensive for our budget) ... see later the columns of  news  and  coming events .

Categories: Journals , scholarly journals , Geophysics , Geophysicists
Tags: Geophysics , Hungaria

04.04.2011: New Publication: Health & Nutrition Claims

Commentary on the EU Health Claims Regulation

The influence of the Regulation on health and nutrition claims on the law on food advertising, on product development work in food enterprises, on the advertising industry, foodstuff monitoring and on nutrition science, cannot be overestimated. The book comments the Regulation article by article giving an explanation for all the relevant terms, concepts of the law and consequences for the practice.

The authors combine legal and scientific expertise. Andreas Meisterernst is senior partner of a food law firm and lecturer on food law at the Technical University of Munich. Bernd Haber, PhD, is state examined food chemist and works for the regulatory affairs department of a multinational food ingredients manufacturer.

Categories: Publication
Tags: Health , Nutrition

14.04.2011: Publishing System

The publishing application in COSIS.net connects all those involved in the publication process, ensures the correct selection of responsible persons, monitors all deadlines and keeps the process lean, fast and agile.

The publication system covers the entire process, from inviting authors on specialist subjects to publishing and advertising the publication. This can be carried out both independently of classical publishers or can be partially licensed.

Categories: Publication , Journals
Tags: Peer review , open access , Open Access , public peer review

14.04.2011: Radiocarbon dating

Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory is the oldest continuously operating radiocarbon lab in the world staffed by experienced scientists and technicians. We offer quality service and prompt reporting of results at competitive prices.

Tags: Radiocarbon dating

03.05.2011: Reimann/Birke (eds): Geochemistry of European Bottled Water

In Europe, ca. 1900 "mineral water" brands are officially registered and bottled for drinking. Bottled waters is groundwater and is in large parts of the continent rapidly developing into the main supply of drinking water for the general population.
This book is the first state of the art overview of the chemistry of groundwaters from 40 European countries from Portugal to Russia, measured on 1785 bottled water samples, equivalent to 1189 distinct bottled water brands from 1247 wells in 884 locations plus an additional 500 tap water samples acquired in 2008 by the network of EuroGeoSurveys experts all across Europe.
In contrast to previously available compilations, all chemical data (contained on the enclosed CD) were measured in a single laboratory, under strict quality control with high internal and external reproducibility, affording a single high quality, internally consistent dataset. More than 70 parameters were determined on every sample using state of the art analytical techniques with ultra low detection limits (ICPMS, ICPOES, IC) at a single hydrochemical lab facility.

Because of the wide geographical distribution of the water sources across 40 European countries, the bottled mineral, drinking and tap waters characterized herein may be used for obtaining a first estimate of "ground- water geochemistry" at the scale of the European Continent, previously unavailable in this completeness, quality and coverage.

The data published here allow for the first time to present a comprehensive internally consistent, overview of the natural distribution and variation of the determined chemical elements and additional state parameters of groundwater at the European scale.
Most elements show a very wide range – usually 3 to 4 but up to 7 orders of magnitude – of natural variation of their concentration.

Data are interpreted in terms of their origin, considering hydrochemical parameters, such as the influence of soil, vegetation cover and mixing with deep waters, as well as other factors (bottling effects, leaching from bottles). A chapter is devoted to comparing the results from the bottled waters with those of European tap waters and previously published datasets.

The authors also provide an overview of the legal framework, that any bottled water sold in the European Union must comply with. It provides a comprehensive compilation of current drinking water action levels in European countries, limiting values of the European Drinking/Mineral/Natural Mineral Water directives (1998/83/EC, 2003/40/EC, 2009/54/EC) and legislation in effect in 26 individual European Countries, and for comparison those of the FAO and in effect in the US (EPA, maximum contaminant levels [MCA]).
The accompanying CD contains the extensive data sets, sample data (of 1189 different brands) and two previously published European water chemistry data sets.

Categories: hydrochemistry , geochemistry , variability , health effects , trace elements , Books
Tags: Geochemistry , Water Resources System , Water Management , population health , water geochemistry , hydrochemistry , source water , trace elements

23.05.2011: ReservoirKB

ReservoirKB currently represents the most comprehensive knowledge base directed towards exploration and appraisal geoscientists and engineers in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and North Sea regions. It provides coverage of all deepwater productive sands discovered, constituting reservoirs currently either in production or sanctioned for development.

Additionally, ReservoirKB is continually updated reservoir performance metrics, analogs, lessons learned, and regional knowledge not available from any other single source. The knowledge base is a unique combination of reservoir engineering data, geological description, and production data analysis.

ReservoirKB is a subscription service on a hosted portal for oil and gas companies exploring and evaluating prospects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and North Sea. Base production data for every field is uploaded on a quarterly basis.

A new release is presently made annually; this most recent includes fresh data and information covering 2010, as well as completely updated analyses and new functionality features. As the definitive source for information on deepwater reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, ReservoirKB has seen phenomenal growth since its original development.

Categories: knowledge management , database , knowledge base
Tags: Geology , engineneering

17.04.2011: Science Communication

Communication training for scientists and educators

Media training

Press office services

26.05.2011: Seismic Vibrator

This fully electromechanical seismic vibrator is extremely suitable in applications with a low lower frequency limit (2Hz) for very broad-band data. This is due to its excellent low distortion signal generation behavior. 

Some key features:
• 7 kN continuous force in a frequency range of 2 Hz to 200 Hz
• Compact system
• Low energy dissipation due to DC gravity compensation

For more information, see the datasheet.

Categories: vibration monitoring , Vibrator , Seismology , magnets , magnetic vibrat , electromagnets , Seismic Instruments , seismic equipment
Tags: Seismology , electromagnetic vibrator

14.04.2011: Stable isotope analysis

Our stable isotope labs analyse the 5 lights stable isotopes H, O, N, C and S using the latest equipment and expereinced technicians and scientists. We offer quality service and prompt reporting of results at competitive prices.

Tags: stable isotope analysis

14.04.2011: Thin sections

We have a thin section technician with >40 years experience to deliver high quality thin sections.

06.04.2011: Total Sky Camera

The Total Sky Camera is an automatic imaging system. It provides real-time coloured images of the total sky (180° field of view). Cloud cover is calculated by the software which allows also reprocessing of stored data.
An on board computer controls the system. It is possible to use the system as standalone or remote controlled detection system via TCP/IP network.

Categories: Atmosphere , Solar radiation measurement

03.05.2011: Tsunami Fingerprints Mastronuzzi/Brückner/Vött (Eds.): in different Archives - Sediments, Dynamics and Modelling Approaches

The increase of population density and activity in costal areas worldwide in
the past decades has turned tsunamis into an imminent threat, especially in the case of high magnitude, low frequency (rare) events (e.g. Phillipines 2004).

The great number of casualties incurred seems the result of a general lack of knowledge on how tsunami-waves form, their speed and the lack of risk mitigation and safety measures.

This supplementary volume presents 14 new, peer reviewed contributions to tsunami science which are useful in assessing the tsunami-risk of many coastal areas.

The goal of the papers presented in this volume is to improve the knowledge of (i) tsunami generation and propagation processes, (ii) tsunami-generated sediments and landforms, (iii) historical and geoarchaeological aspects of palaeo-tsunami landfalls, (iv) the role of tsunamis for coastal evolution, (v) tsunami modelling, (vi) tsunami hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment, (vii) tsunami alert network, and (viii) differentiating between tsunami deposits and deposits of extreme storm events.

Categories: geomorphology , coastal processes , tsunami
Tags: Sediment Processes , Tsunamis , Sedimentology , Tsunami

26.05.2011: UNIVERS

Software to process

– vertical seismic data (VSP, borehole seismic) and interpret them together with log and surface seismic data (2D, 3D)

– surface surface seismic data (2D, 3D)

– joint surface seismic + VSP  data (2D + VSD, 3D + VSP)




Categories: seismic equipment , Seismology , software
Tags: Univers

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