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Recent Products

26.05.2011: UNIVERS

Software to process

– vertical seismic data (VSP, borehole seismic) and interpret them together with log and surface seismic data (2D, 3D)

– surface surface seismic data (2D, 3D)

– joint surface seismic + VSP  data (2D + VSD, 3D + VSP)




Categories: seismic equipment , Seismology , software
Tags: Univers

26.05.2011: Seismic Vibrator

This fully electromechanical seismic vibrator is extremely suitable in applications with a low lower frequency limit (2Hz) for very broad-band data. This is due to its excellent low distortion signal generation behavior. 

Some key features:
• 7 kN continuous force in a frequency range of 2 Hz to 200 Hz
• Compact system
• Low energy dissipation due to DC gravity compensation

For more information, see the datasheet.