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COSIS.net – Network for Scientists


COSIS.net was founded in 2001 as a registration system for members of professional associations, in order to offer them innovative services. From the very beginning these have included the editing of scientific journal articles and the organization of larger conferences, components of COSIS.net which are now marketed independently as COSIS.net Publishing System and COSIS.net Meeting System.

Due to a consistent membership structure and the communication and interaction of the services, a social network for scientists developed over the years, even before that term became widely known.

The services in detail:

Scientists’ Profiles

All COSIS.net members can add their contact data to their profile, but they can also enter their publications and positions. The display of personal data can be flexibly controlled via a data privacy tool. COSIS.net profile pages can also be published in the Internet under an individually chosen username and optimized for search engines. Please click here to see an example.


Scientists can invite friends and colleagues from all over the world into their professional network and will be continuously informed about the activities of their network members and changes in their contact data.


The COSIS.net news editor delivers professional scientific news, complemented by blog posts and discussion contributions by COSIS.net members.


COSIS.net supports members who have written books by marketing their work. Books that have been entered into member profiles will be tagged with a direct link to the COSIS.net bookshop, where they can also be reviewed by the community.

Alert Service

The COSIS.net alert service notifies subscribers of new journal articles via email on a specific and daily basis. The content of many thousands of scientific journals is evaluated for this.

Groups and Discussions

COSIS.net members organize themselves into open and closed groups and hold forum discussions on current topics.


COSIS.net offers its members a unique service: publications can be tagged with GeoTags and can then be called up on a world map. Members can integrate their personal maps into their own blogs and web pages.

Request a Presentation!

We would be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the system: in person, by phone or in a web conference. Phone: +49 30 26550940, email: marketing@cosis.net.