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Welcome to COSIS.net B2B


COSIS.net provides scientists and their institutions with a variety of innovative systems for communication and cooperative work.

It also acts as a contact point, central hub and marketplace for relationships between scientists and industry, media and politics.

This community has now been opened to all scientists, publishers, conference organizers, and other stakeholders. The community platform is free of charge for all scientists. COSIS.net is solely financed by the associated applications for publication, conference management and business advertisement.

Find out all about our networking platform and our applications for publication and conference management:

1. Network for scientists

  • Networking, search engines
  • Bibliography
  • (Public) profile
  • News
  • Blog aggregation
  • Groups and discussions
  • Event calendar

2. Publishing System

The publication system covers the entire process, from inviting authors on special subjects to publishing and advertising the publications:

  • Akquisition of authors / invitations
  • Author's upload / data check
  • (Public) Peer review and editorial management
  • Production
  • Publication
  • Advertising and sales support

3. Conference Management System

Comprehensive tools for the definition, planning, implementation and post processing of scientific conferences

  • Creation of a program skeleton, if applicable from previous meetings
  • Call for papers / abstract submissions directly into appropriate sessions
  • Speaker/poster management, time and space planning, email reminders
  • Generation of program books, create a personal program book online
  • Online registration with credit card billing, on-site registration, name badge printing
  • Integrated search engine
  • Archiving
  • and more



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We would be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the system: in person, by phone or in a web conference. Phone: +49 30 26550940, e-mail: marketing@cosis.net.