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Professional Conference Management


You can organize even large scientific congresses online with ease

COSIS.net offers a comprehensive, fully-developed, completely Internet-based conference management system within a social network.

All you need is a computer with Internet connection, and together with colleagues from all over the world, you can plan and execute a conference with over 10,000 attendees and contributions.

COSIS.net organises the call for program, the call for papers /abstract submissions, bursaries, space planning, program book, pre-registration, on-site registration, credit card billing, emailing of bills, connection of all on-site service providers, archiving, and much more.


COSIS.net is a social network for scientists. Besides tools for networking and for the organization of scientific publications (peer review), it offers comprehensive tools for the definition, planning, execution and follow-up of scientific conventions. COSIS.net offers all the standard features of large conference management systems:

  • Creation of a programme skeleton, if applicable from previous conventions
  • Call for programmes: submit online suggestions
  • Call for papers / abstract submissions directly into appropriate sessions
  • Administration of bursaries
  • Speaker/poster management
  • Time and space planning
  • Statistical overviews
  • Email reminders
  • Generation of program books
  • Create a personal program book online
  • Online registration with credit card billing
  • On-site registration
  • Name badge printing
  • Archiving
  • Integrated search engine

Distinctive features / USP / additional uses

  • Community integration, with the possibility of running forums, job boards, online shops etc.
  • Capable of high performance for congresses with more than 10,000 participants and 12,000 contributions
  • Online XML editor PuMa for previews, discussion contributions, press releases, abstract submissions, among other features. PuMa increases data security, minimizes sources of errors and typesetting costs, has an integrated formula editor, and many other features.
  • The COSIS.net community offers timely possibilities for communicating with your target audience and for the administration of professional associations.
  • A publishing system and peer review functionality can be integrated.
  • Software developers are available for your individual requirements.

Reliable Technology: Open Industry Standards

  • ASP (application service provision): The services detailed above are organized via email and by using a Web browser.
  • Servers and programming in Berlin, servers are mirrored in Frankfurt (M.)
  • Open standards: PHP, MySQL, TeX, HTML, XML, epub, PDF ...
  • The advantage: no local data storage or software installation necessary
  • Platform independence, integration into other environments centralized maintenance, high availability, security
  • Display of open access and classical journals
  • Branding is possible
  • Online library with search engine functionality
  • Alert service


More than 50 conferences with more than 70,000 participants were organized using COSIS.net:

  • General Assemblies of the European Geophysical Society
  • General Assemblies of European Geosciences Union
  • IAGA Scientific Assembly (2005)
  • COSPAR Scientific Assemblies
  • Conferences on Radar Meteorology and Hydrology (ERAD)
  • and more


  • COSIS.net uses a transparent, easily scalable, user-based calculation model, which minimizes your risks.
  • Setting up the first conference and training personnel incurs costs in the low four-figure area (euros) per organization. Subsequent conferences are approximately half the cost.
  • Registration (payment of participant's fees): generally a single-figure percentage rate of the turnover. Flat rates are possible.
  • Submission of abstracts – low single-figure amounts (euro).
  • Further services can be arranged: conference webpage, on-site service, publication of proceedings.

Request a Presentation!

We would be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the system: in person, by phone or in a web conference. Phone: +49 30 26550940, email: marketing@cosis.net.