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Kristin Feese (United States)

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Latest Blog Posts

  • 13.11.2017: Connecting a Soil Moisture Probe to the LI-6400XT

    The LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System can record data from auxiliary sensors, such as soil moisture probes, through its 37-pin connector. Any soil moisture probe can be connected, as long as it provides analog voltage outputs. Frequency, SDI-12, or RS-485 sensors will not work with the LI-6400XT. In this example we will connect a Decagon EC-5 soil moisture sensor.

    Hardware Configuration

    Connect the soil moisture probe to the 37-pin connector kit (part number 9964-035). This may require soldering. The connector kit...

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    Source: Newsline

  • 31.10.2017: Zero and Span Gas Guidelines

    LI-COR technical support often receives questions about choosing a set of CO2 calibration gases for our analyzers.   While we realize that every customer’s measurement situation may be slightly different, we do have a few suggestions for selecting a set of calibration gases.

    We recommend having a zero gas, or the equipment to perform a chemical zero at the very least.  A zero gas is best if the gas is really CO2-free.   It’s not necessary to purchase pure nitrogen or argon...

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  • 29.09.2017: A Quick and Easy Way to Merge LI‑1500 Light Sensor Logger Files

    The LI-1500 Light Sensor Logger can log data manually, continuously, daily, or over a user-defined period. Therefore, a data set for a project can consist of many separate files. For data analysis, we often need to merge all, or parts of, these files into a single file. Here are the steps to do so:

    1. Start the fv7x00 File Viewer program. If you do not have it, you can download it here:


    The fv7x00 File Viewer program was...

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  • 18.09.2017: Studying Invasive Species: the LI-6800 Trial Winner

    Invasive species can alter ecosystems and food chains. None are quite like Tamarisk, also known as salt cedar. Tamarisk sucks up a ton of water and deposits salt when it sheds its leaves, making the soil inhospitable to other plants. “There’s not much left when Tamarisk comes to town,” says Randy Long, a PhD student at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Randy’s doctoral dissertation is studying the local adaption of Tamarisk to environmental gradients, as well as interactions of...

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    Source: Newsline

  • 06.09.2017: Software for Fitting Photosynthetic CO2 or Light Response Curves

    A frequent question from LI-COR LI-6400XT users is a request for software resources for fitting the Farquhar, von Caemmerer and Berry (FvCB) model of photosynthesis (Farquhar, von Caemmerer & Berry 1980).  There is a wealth of literature on this topic and a variety of methods developed to fit the model.  However, there are currently no commercial software packages available for this purpose. Several software packages are freely available for fitting the FvCB model of photosynthesis. Some approaches use only gas...

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  • 30.08.2017: New Publications Featuring the LI-6800

    A paper featuring the LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System was recently published in Plant and Cell Physiology. This publication explores how the color of actinic light affects the estimate of the electron transport rate (ETR) when calculated from fluorescence measurements.

    View the abstract for Light Quality Affects Chloroplast Electron Transport Rates Estimated from Chl Fluorescence Measurements.

    By changing the proportion of red and blue in the actinic light, the authors observed a difference between true ETR (J) and ETR...

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    Source: Newsline

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