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Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso


Laboratoire Océanographie
CNRS-Université de Paris 6
181 Chemin du Lazaret
06234 Villefranche-sur-mer Cedex, France

Email: gattuso@obs-vlfr.fr

Blog: Ocean acidification

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Date Publication
15.09.2011 Book: Ocean Acidification
Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Lina Hansson
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199591091
06.11.2006 Article: Light availability in the coastal ocean: impact on the distribution of benthic photosynthetic organisms and their contribution to primary production
J.-P. Gattuso, B. Gentili, C. M. Duarte, J. A. Kleypas, J. J. Middelburg, and D. Antoine
Biogeosciences, 3, 489-513
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2006-3-489


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Latest Blog Posts

  • 19.01.2018: Autonomous optofluidic chemical analyzers for marine applications: insights from the submersible autonomous moored instruments (SAMI) for pH and pCO2

    The commercial availability of inexpensive fiber optics and small volume pumps in the early 1990’s provided the components necessary for the successful development of low power, low reagent consumption, autonomous optofluidic analyzers for marine applications. It was evident that to achieve calibration-free performance, reagent-based sensors would require frequent renewal of the reagent by pumping the […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 19.01.2018: Combined effects of ocean acidification and nutrient levels on the photosynthetic performance of Thalassiosira (Conticribra) weissflogii (Bacillariophyta)

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of ocean acidification and nutrient level on the growth and photosynthetic performance of the diatom Thalassiosira (Conticribra) weissflogii. Cells were exposed to varying levels of CO2 [current CO2 (LC), 400 μatm; high CO2 (HC), 1000 μatm] and nutrients, with NO3− and PO43− concentrations enriched, respectively, […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 19.01.2018: Senator Murkowski, worried for coastal communities, is trying to assess ocean acidification (video)

    WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Our coastlines could be in harm’s way. Not because of a storm or a tidal wave, but because of ocean acidification. Carbon dioxide emissions are changing the chemistry of our oceans which could have a negative impact on coastlines and economies. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is looking for answers to this […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 18.01.2018: Seasonal variability of the carbonate system and coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi at a Scottish Coastal Observatory monitoring site

    Highlights • There is a “knowledge gap” on carbonate chemistry in inshore waters. • Stonehaven coastal carbonate system shows a strong variability at short-time and year-to-year scales. • Occurrence of E. huxleyi morphotypes shows a repeated seasonal pattern. • E. huxleyi in situ calcification seems not to be affected by carbonate chemistry. • Seasonality in […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 18.01.2018: pH gradients in the diffusive boundary layer of subarctic macrophytes

    Highly productive macrophytes produce diurnal and seasonal cycles in CO2 concentrations modulated by metabolic activity, which cause discrepancies between pH in the bulk water and near seaweed blades, especially when entering the diffusion boundary layer (DBL). Calcifying epiphytic organisms living in this environment are therefore exposed to a different pH environment than that of the […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 18.01.2018: Dynamic changes in carbonate chemistry in the microenvironment around single marine phytoplankton cells

    Photosynthesis by marine diatoms plays a major role in the global carbon cycle, although the precise mechanisms of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) uptake remain unclear. A lack of direct measurements of carbonate chemistry at the cell surface has led to uncertainty over the underlying membrane transport processes and the role of external carbonic anhydrase (eCA). […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

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